HERE’S TO 2023!

There’s been some lows but plenty of highs too in 2022.  Here, the main men – Dennis Hobson and Steve Crump – look back over the last 12 months, and ahead to an exciting 2023!

Who has been your Fight Academy fighter of the year? And why?

Dennis: This is a tough one, but I think I’d say Hannah Rankin. It’s not just how she is in the ring, but how she conducts herself outside too. She’s an ambassador and a role model, and she’ll go on to achieve again and win titles. She’s a big asset to Fight Academy and Fightzone and is one hundred per cent behind us. She’s a pleasure to work with in an industry that increasingly lacks honourability.

Watch this space with Hannah, because we’ll pull something off for her, very meaningful, over the next few months.

Steve: It’s Hannah for me, too. She’s world level, in and out of the ring and she will become a world champion again.

What was the best fight shown by Fightzone in 2022? And why?

Dennis: I think Matt Windle’s great fight against Siphelele Myeza, and his achievement at winning the Commonwealth Light Flyweight Title, was something special. He pulled it out of the bag and made history. Matt’s hung around and waited for his opportunity, and I’m delighted for him. It was a great fight and a smashing stoppage. Matt’s not your run-of-the-mill boxer with his poetry but he has a lovely persona and plenty of grit. He’s another great role model for the sport.

Steve: For me it’s the fight between Tommy Frank and Craig Derbyshire for the British Flyweight Title. It was 12 rounds, toe to toe. It could’ve gone either way and that controversy only added to it. Both guys thought they edged it, and it’s maybe something that could happen again at some point.

Who is your Fight Academy prospect of the year (under five fights)? And why?

Dennis: It has to be Katie Healy for me. She went to South Africa, took a chance and came away with the WBF World Title, in just her fifth fight! She’s got a version of the world title, she’s still a work in progress but she’ll make more moves next year. She’s also another fighter who carries herself really well outside the ring. We’ll do some big things together.

Steve: I know he’s had more than five fights, but I’m going to have to go with Keanen (Wainwright). I just think he’s got a great future and can’t wait to see him on Fightzone in 2023. Katie [Healy] is also a class act and has a bright future with Fight Academy.

What are your aspirations for Fightzone in 2023? Do you have a message to Fightzone subscribers?

Dennis: We’ve established a brand, and shown that we can produce champions on the channel. Next year, we’ll be looking to do one main Fight Academy show a month and two or three partner shows. We’re regrouping now and have got different personnel involved.  I’m excited for 2023, we’ve sifted out a few that have let us down, have released a few fighters and I’m going to start enjoying it again. We’re knocking on the door to pulling off something very substantial in the next six months.

Steve: In 2023 at Fightzone, we want to put on as many title fights as we can. We want to really grow the channel next year, and push it like it’s never been pushed before. There are lots of exciting plans I can’t wait for it to start. We’re starting off with a big show in Malta and I want to thank all the subscribers for their support. We want to deliver more great shows, so stick with us because we’ll be making a mark in 2023.

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