Stuart Hall bids to become a two-time world champ on October 25.
Darlington’s Hall contentiously lost his IBF world title in June with a split-decision reverse to Ellesmere Port’s Paul Butler.
However with Butler since relinquishing the strap, Hall gets a golden chance to make history when he faces big-hitting American Randy Caballero for his vacant old belt in Monte Carlo.
Here we catch up with ‘Stuey’ before his overseas mission:
How do you feel that the fight is in Monte Carlo?
I’ve got a few fans going over, so it’s going to be loud. It’ll be like a home show anyway. I’m alright about it and it’ll be nice to fight in Monte Carlo.
Does the fact it’s in Monte Carlo even out the playing field between you and Caballero?
I think so. Any logical person would think so, wouldn’t they? When I spoke to Dennis he said it was home advantage, but it’s not because we’ve got to get on a plane, haven’t we!
In my head I’m going away for this title. I’ve got to go and get it like I did against Vusi Malinga.
What are your thoughts on Caballero, have you watched much of him?
I’ve watched him a couple of times, and he’s decent. But I’ve got 12 rounds to deal with him. I won’t watch him anymore. You can read too much into records. He’s won 21 and he’s going to have a punch, but I can take a punch. Sergio Perales had a punch and I took that. Vusi Malinga had a punch and I took that. There’s no way in the world he’d stop me.
I think they’re overlooking me, and that’s the last thing they want to do, I’m telling you now!
Could Caballero be an easier fight than the Paul Butler fight?
I think it could be a harder, tougher fight but it will be an easier fight for me. He doesn’t run and he’s not the best of movers. He’s there to be hit and I like a tear-up; I like a fight.
Do you see it being an entertaining fight?
It’s going to be a cracking fight. It’s going to be a war, and I’ve been in them before, I don’t think he has.
Looking back on the Butler fight – what are your thoughts now?
I thought I won it. I did enough to win it, and a lot of people thought that. He didn’t take that title away from me, like a challenger is supposed to do. I got no advantage that night and I knew I wouldn’t.
Your fight against Caballero is live on Channel 5 – how do you feel about that?
It’s great. I found out on Twitter and it would have been nice to get a phone call off someone. It’s great for me though, to go and win a world title on Channel 5, and everyone in Britain can get behind me. The exposure will be great.
How confident are you of becoming a two-time world champ?
I’m very confident. Everyone will see after the first round because I’m going to go in there and smash him to bits in the first round and give him the shock of his life. And I know I can do that for 12 rounds.
I’m more than confident I’ll beat him; I’m not reading anything into Randy Caballero. He’s human with two arms and two legs, just like me. I couldn’t care less about his record, I’m a warrior and I’ll show everyone how much.
Lastly, how much difference have new trainers Paddy Lynch and Max McCracken made?
They’re saying how much I’ve come on and I’ve only had four weeks with them. Obviously I’m the same fighter but they’re tweaking things. I’m learning quickly and it will all come together on the 25th.
Randy Caballero thinks he’s in for an easy night but after the first round he’ll know he’s in for a hard, hard night.

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