A protégé of the Sheffield Boxing Centre, super-flyweight Tommy Frank is looking to build on his 2-0 ledger this year. 
The 23-year-old, who is trained by former pro Glyn Rhodes, is next out on March 24 at the Ponds Forge Arena on the undercard of gym-mate Sam Sheedy’s Commonwealth middleweight title fight against Nigeria’s Abolaji Rasheed.
Ahead of the show, find out more about Tommy below:
Age you first started boxing, and what made you put the gloves on: My cousin used to box amateur for Sheffield boxing centre and when I went to his house I used to mess about sparing with him and they had a punch bag. Then when I was 12, I asked my dad to take me to the gym and I’ve been there ever since. I didn’t take to it at first and I just used to go and train for fitness but I started taking it seriously at 14 and had my first amateur fight at 15.
Which amateur club did you box for: I’ve been with Sheffield Boxing Centre since I started, all the way through my amateur career and now as a pro.
What was your amateur record: I had 45 amateur fights winning roughly 30.
What were your amateur achievements: As an amateur I won several Yorkshire titles, got to two ABA quarter finals and won two elite Yorkshire belts, one at bantamweight and one at flyweight.
When did you turn pro: I had my last amateur fight in May of 2016 and made my pro debut on the 30th July 2016 at the Magna Centre.
Are you a full time pro? If not – what’s your current Job outside of boxing: I used to have a job when I was boxing amateur but when I turned pro I quit and I now train full time. I’m lucky to have some good sponsors who help me out and my girlfriend Charley gives me a lot of support and makes it easy to dedicate myself to boxing full time.
Who are/were your boxing heroes – and why: I like watching boxing and follow a lot of boxer’s careers but my all-time favourites have got to be the two Sugar Rays. I love Ray Leonard because in my opinion he was the perfect fighter. He had everything – speed, power, a brilliant boxing brain, but also had a huge heart and could dig deep and slug it out if he had to. But my favourite is the original, Sugar Ray Robinson. I love watching his old fights, he too had everything and he fought anyone.  They didn’t care back then, the best fought the best.
Who’s your favourite Yorkshire boxer (past or present): Obviously being from Sheffield I admired fighters like Naseem Hamed growing up, but the fighter I looked up to the most was John ‘Fireball’ Fewkes. He used to box pro for our gym and he will be the first to admit he didn’t fulfill his potential.  But the things I’ve seen him do in a boxing ring are unbelievable. He cornered me towards the end of my amateur career and is a close friend. I still look up to him now.
When you’ve finally hung up your gloves – what do you want to have achieved in boxing: My ultimate goal, like a lot of young pros is to be a world champion. For many it’s not a realistic one because they don’t really believe it but I just think why not? Stranger things have happened. I just want to keep learning my craft every day in the gym with my team and enjoy the journey.  One day I can hang my gloves up having made a lot of money and take care of my family and those close to me. And have some nice shiny belts as well!
Dennis Hobson Promotions present an evening of boxing at Sheffield’s Ponds Forge Arena on March 24.  Headlining will be Sheffield’s Sam Sheedy versus Nigeria’s Abolaji Rasheed for the vacant Commonwealth middleweight title.
Also appearing will be a number of Sheffield fighting talents including Liam Cameron; Nicki Smedley; Joss Paul; Kyle Yousaf; Tommy Frank; Nicolie Campbell; Ramzy Nassa; Muheeb Fazeldin and Razaq Najib.
For ticket information, please call 0114 243 4443.

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