With 2018 almost over, promoter Dennis Hobson, and boxing partner Steve Crump, take a peek back over the year gone, as well as looking ahead to 2019:

Who was your best fighter from the Dennis Hobson Promotions (DHP) stable in 2018?

Dennis HobsonI think I’d have to say, for potential, and for how he conducts himself in and out of the ring – Tommy Frank [pictured].  He’s a great example to any young kid coming through, he’s a good role model and he’s improving so much with every fight.  I’m expecting good things of him.  I’ve had some decent wins with some of my other fighters this year, but he springs to mind straight away.  Tommy is in line for the Commonwealth Title next, so whether we go down that route, or take another couple of international fights first, we’ll see.  We’ll look at different options, but every fight will be a progression and we’ll position him to get the title opportunities.

Steve Crump: Tommy Frank.  His last fight in October 2018 [against Adam Yahaya], he made a big statement and I thought his composure and accuracy were excellent.  Definitely a big year for Tommy next year, we’ve got shows lined up in 2019 and we’re hoping Tommy plays a big part in those. 

What was the most entertaining fight on a DHP show in 2018?

Dennis Hobson: For me, it was the Loua Nassa versus Brad Watson fight [February 2018].  It looked like Brad was getting out-boxed, and then Loua got complacent, held his chin up and got caught.  It was late in the fight, and fatigue played its part but it did look like he was totally out-boxing Brad before it got turned on its head.  It was for a meaningful belt, the English Title, so meant a lot to both of them.  There was plenty of drama, and some of these small hall fights are more entertaining than fights you’ll see at, for example, Wembley because they are so well matched.  Loua needs to go back to the drawing board, but he’s young enough to come again.  Brad should be fighting for the British, and if he wants to talk to us, he can do.

Steve CrumpI’d say Keanen Wainwright’s debut win over Andy Harris [October 2018].  He came flying out of the blocks and put his opponent to bed early on in the fight.  I’m hoping we’ll have Keanen on some more of our shows in 2019, and see him getting some more experience and rounds under his belt next year.

Who was your best fighter not from DHP stable in 2018?

Dennis Hobson: I’ve had some dealings with Josh Warrington in the past, and he’s another great ambassador for the sport.  He conducts himself very well, and he’s achieved the ultimate [winning the world title in May, 2018].  I don’t one hundred per cent fancy him against Carl Frampton, I think it’s a great fight but if I had to pick I’d go for Frampton.  But when Josh fought Lee Selby to win the world title he was the underdog, but came through.  For him to achieve the ultimate though in front of his home fans in Leeds, made me proud as a Yorkshireman.

What was your favourite fight, not on a DHP show, in 2018?

Dennis Hobson: I enjoyed the Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder fight.  The build up to it was great.  I fancied Deontay in that fight, but you have to take your hat off to Tyson. It was a great fight, there was plenty of drama and although a lot of people think it was a bad result, I actually think it was fair because of the two knockdowns.  I thought Tyson out-boxed him, and he’s got a fighter’s heart, but Deontay brings a lot to the table and has a massive punch. 

What are you aims for 2019?

Dennis Hobson: It’s all a work in progress.  We’ll keep building, we’ve had a few enquiries from some world class fighters for us to work with, and hopefully we’ll make some big steps next year, and get onto the world scene with a few fighters.  That’s how quick we think we can make things happen.

Steve Crump: We’re hoping to make some very interesting and memorable fights in 2019.  We’re determined to make a big statement next year, and it would be great to have a world champion under our belt.


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