Commonwealth Super Flyweight Champion, Tommy Frank, is teaming up with Sheffield United, and the lifelong ‘Blades’ fan couldn’t be happier.

Tommy, who is unbeaten in 10 fights, has already had a great year after winning the Commonwealth title in March, stopping Belfast’s Luke Wilton in four blistering rounds. And that victory got even sweeter for the Sheffield fighter when he was asked to parade his belt at Bramall Lane ahead of United’s home game against Bristol City.

United are also on the up after being promoted to the Premier League this year and 25-year-old Tommy – who is touted as one the UK’s best young fighters – says his dream is to one day fight at the home of his beloved United.

“I’ve been a Blade all my life so it’s a huge privilege to be involved with United. Despite my training, I managed to get to pretty much every home game last season, and we’ve obviously had a brilliant season. United getting promoted is just great for the City in general, and for sport in Sheffield.

“I was at the game when we got relegated from the Premier League against Wigan, and that broke my heart. So, it’s brilliant that we’re back where we belong now. I always used to be a massive Danny Webber fan, when he was at the Lane, I was a big supporter of his. Obviously today we’ve got Billy Sharp, but Brian Deane was my older brother’s favourite player, I never got to see him play unfortunately.

“It was just amazing to parade my belt on the pitch, such a great experience, and I’m really proud to be involved with Sheffield United. I’ve got United on my shorts, and I want to keep flying the flag for them.

“I really want to give the fans something else to follow and cheer about, as well as the football. I’m just a fan myself, and completely ‘down to earth’, and it would be great to have that crowd behind me in my career.

“I’ve got no doubt we’ll stay up in the Premiership next season, and I’m not just saying that being hopeful. I really do think we’ve got everything and more to stay up. When you look at the likes of Bournemouth who have expanded after being promoted and have become a Premier League club, I think we’ll do the same. We’ll stay up, keep building and it will just keep getting better.

“The ultimate dream for me is to one day win a world title, bring it back to Sheffield and defend it at Bramall Lane, just like Kell Brook did. I really want to do that, and what a night that would be.”

Tommy’s promoter, Dennis Hobson – who has worked with a number of world champions including Ricky Hatton, David Haye, and Clinton Woods – is a die-hard Sheffield Wednesday fan.

Despite his ‘Owls’ allegiance, Dennis has a great relationship with his rival team and is delighted to see United backing his young fighter.

“I am a Wednesday fan, but I’ve known [manager] Chris Wilder and his family for years, and have a great relationship with him. I also have a great relationship with Sheffield United and the people that work there and I grew up on the same estate as many of them. Some of my family are Sheffield United fans too, so there’s a big connection there and United have always been very supportive of what we’ve done.

“With Tommy being a passionate Sheffield United fan, the club are only too willing to support him, and he is a great ambassador and role model for the sport, and for Sheffield. Tommy’s success has also coincided with this latest success of United too. So, it’s great to see. Tommy’s a breath of fresh air and a lovely lad, but when he gets in the ring he can be very clinical. He’s only 24 but is potentially the next Sheffield superstar, and I think he can go on to be a world champion. I’m looking forward to July 5th when he next fights at the Ponds Forge Arena, and hopefully we might get some Sheffield United people there to support him and see him succeed, just like their team have.”

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