Kash Ali would beat Tom Little, Dave Allen, and David Price if they meet in the future, that’s the opinion of a confident Dennis Hobson as he looks ahead to potential future matches for his heavyweight charge.

Ali, who was disqualified against Price in March 2019 for biting, and subsequently served a ban from the sport, is now in the Hobson stable and working with a new team, including trainer Richard Towers.  The fighter from Rotherham, 17-1 (8), has picked up two wins since that sole defeat to Price and, despite no boxing on the immediate horizon, Hobson says he has seen enough from Ali to know that he is a genuine, future contender.

“I get on well with Tom [Little], I really like the kid, and I think if he’s guided right then he could actually win something.  Kash against Tom would be a great fight and would be a good marker for where Kash is, because if he’s going to win something, then Tom Little is a good yardstick.  Tom is capable, even though he’s lost a few when he hasn’t been prepared properly.  I think it’s a realistic fight, a good fight, but both will want decent pay, so it would need TV, and have to be for something meaningful, like an eliminator for a title – it’s that calibre of fight.  Other than that, an eight-round fight between them, is pointless, I don’t see any sense in that.

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